E[G] Drinking Game – The Star Wars Holiday Special

The Star War Holiday Special has infamy in the Star Wars fandom as being notoriously bad. We wanted to do something fun and unexpected for our last podcast of season 3, and we decided that the Star Wars Holiday Special needed a drinking game! Bri, Cassie and Diana came up with the rules and Alice, Cassie, Devon, Diana, Andrea and her husband Rob got together to share the rules on the podcast. After recording the E[G] Drinking Game podcast, we decided to watch the Star War Holiday Special that night and play the drinking game we just created. As a bonus, we also decided to record the shenanigans as a watch-and-drink-a-long. Needless to say, we were a little tipsy by the end. We humbly present the results…

The E[G] Drinking Game Podcast

The Bri Rules

  • Waterfall the entire time The Incredible Hulk is onscreen
  • Waterfall through the silence at the intro/outro
  • Waterfall through the cartoon being removed for copyright reasons
  • Finish your drink when you see that baby Wookie creeping around for the first time
  • Take a shot before Jefferson Starship (Just do it!)
  • Take a shot every time you stop paying attention (Soon you will feel the sweet release of a blackout)
  • TAKE A SHOT WHEN YOU SEE BEA (as in Bea Arthur)
  • Take a shot for awkward Wookie love
  • Waterfall through that awkward speech C-3PO starts to talk about wanting to be alive. And then waterfall though the closing song that Leia sings
  • EXPERT MODE: waterfall through that entire strange acrobats scene…and that weird glitter swimming lady LSD scene before the musical number (wtf)

The Cassie Rules

  • Take a drink every time they show the cartoon Wookiee tree house establishing shot
  • Take a drink every time you find yourself suppressing a groan at the special effects
  • Take a drink every time you think “WTF?!” (i.e. holographic acrobats, crazy TV chef, singing holographic porno lady, the random cartoon)
  • Take a shot every time they introduce an original Star Wars character
  • Take a shot for every new character that is ridiculous stunt casting (Please take a shot in honor of Bea Arthur and one in honor of Jefferson Starship)

The Diana Rules

  • Whenever you see a hologram or virtual anything, drink
  • Drink whenever a real world reference is made ( i.e. Julia Childs, Mala cooking, sewing machine, Legos)
  • Drink whenever you see the word “Wookiee” or hear someone say it
  • Take a shot anytime you feel as though your mind has been thoroughly f*-ed with

Thanks to the Drunken Moogle and The More You Nerd podcast for the Qui Gon Gin and Tonics and Darth Maultinis we enjoyed before we started recording.

The Watch-and-Drink-A-Long

If you are feeling brave, adventurous and/or festive, we have a watch-and-drink-a-long for you as well. Gather some friends together, stock up the liqueur cabinet, get YouTube set up and prepare yourself for a crazy time.

We have enjoyed putting together Season 3 for you. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. The geek hosts will be sharing their favorite season 3 episodes in January. Keep an eye out for those posts.

What was your favorite season 3 episode? We would love to know!