E[G] Drinking Game S4 E16 – Torchwood Season 1

Andrea, Devon, Megan and Sara get together to create drinking game rules for the first season of the BBC show, Torchwood…plus a very special brew!

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Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink when…
there is a reference to Gwen and Owen and take a second drink if its an insult.
anytime someone shags someone else and finish your drink if both people are on the team.
you see Jack with his earpiece.
Jack gives someone the eyes and take a second drink if the eyes were meant for you.
any two characters kiss.
a main character gets seriously injured.
there is a weavel on the screen.
there is any Doctor Who reference.
Gwen’s hair gets stuck in her face and she fights with it.
Jack eludes to his own history when speaking to Gwen.
we see Reese doing housework.
Ianto looks like he’s going to cry or ugly cries.
Ianto looks like he wants to jump Jack’s bones.
we see the pizza boxes on the screen.
someone says ‘special ops’.
we see Gwen’s tooth gap.
its pointed out that Welsh is not British.

Take a shot when…
you want to forget the unrequited love you’ve experiences, like Tosh.
The Doctor is referenced.

Waterfall your drink…
As the elevator rises to the street

Cardiff BrewDog Brewery
the Jackhammer








Pan Sexual Pan Galactic Gargleblaster
– Champage
– raspberry juice
– a dash of blue curaco








The Retcon
equal parts Gin, Vodka, Absinthe, Brandy and Rasberry liquior









Torchwood Official Toast

“To Queen Victoria” (founder of Torchwood)




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