First Time [Film] Club E03 – UHF


A couple of Thursdays back geek hosts Megan and NCT Phoenix Players Krissy & Paul introduced first timer Alice to Weird Al Yankovic’s film UHF.

We recorded this podcast live at NCT Phoenix. Megan focuses on all the clever little details, Krissy gets her soap operas mixed up, Alice presents some logic that makes sense only to her, and Paul gets very angry at Siskel and Ebert’s reaction to the film.

SPOILER ALERT – We talk about the film in detail so if you don’t want spoilers make sure you watch it first.

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Drinking Game Rules

Mini game – everyone in your watching group shouts out the name of an actor they recognize. If the first person to shout out the name gets it right, everyone else has to take a drink. If the person gets it wrong, they have to empty their glass.

Take a drink every time…

  • You don’t get an 1980s reference
  • You laugh at a joke and say “eat it Ebert, eat it Siskel that was funny!”
  • You recognize a movie reference
  • You see Stanely’s mop and shout “MY MOP”
  • You notice a continuity error
  • You are laughing out loud at something silly happening onscreen
  • A character’s hair steals the scene
  • Al does his shouty muppet voice
  • Stanley make you think of a puppy

Take a shot…

  • Every time Stanley Spadowski does a double take
  • Every time you hear “STUUUUPID”
  • When Philo turns into an alien

In honor of the discussion we had on the character design for Philo vs. Marge from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, here are the two lovelies side by side.


We don’t need no sticking badgers! 


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