Video Game T-shirts – [Alice] Geeks Out

In case you haven’t heard, I have the coolest kid EVER. To be fair all parents say that, but mine is pretty damn cool.

I love him for many reasons but one of my top reasons are that even at 8 ½ he has one of the wriest wits I know. He is also very much his own man. He wears mismatched socks every day and sometimes he even rocks a faux-hawk. He is a goofball and I love me some goofballs.

I am not sure if I have forced him into the Geek world or whether he came to it naturally or if it will even stick (I’m pretty sure it will) but I do know he enjoys a good Geek t-shirt when he sees one; he is a bit video game geek.  Here are some of his favorite video game t-shirts from Redbubble.


 1. Skylanders

It was a huge hit for a while. Damn those people are smart marketers. We must own around $500 worth of Skylanders figures. There weren’t a lot of Skylanders t-shirt options but he liked this one even though Loopy isn’t one of his favorites.



2. Sonic

I get totally sea sick when I play a Sonic game, but Ray loves them. He’s gotta go fast! He enjoyed finding and reading and explaining to me (silly mommy) all the references on this T-shirt.



3. Lego Batman

This is by far by favorite game to play with my son. I love that it is cooperative and I love that it is NOT split screen. Ray is always Batman and I am always Robin. This T-shirt called out to him because if the recent LEGO movie.



 4. Mario

Like many people in this universe he loves Mario games. He doesn’t get the Jurassic Park reference – YET – but he does like the design.



 5. Minecraft

Don’t even get me started on Mincraft. He has played for hours and hours but he has also started to do his own texturing and coding. So much win. There are just a gazillion Minecraft T-shirt designs. He likes the way the creepers look on this one.



6. Kid Icarus

I bought this game for a long drive to Wyoming. Totally worked. He has played through the game several times since then. This was the only Kid Icarus T-shirt we could find.



7. Zelda Games

Ray started playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time because I started playing it for an episode of the Educating [Geeks] podcast. He has since become obsessed with Zelda games and at Phoenix comicon this year he bought an Ocarina.


One of his other favorite Zelda games is Majora’s Mask. He is considering cosplaying as Skull Kid at Comicon next year.


Do your kids love geek t-shirts as much as you? Share some of your awesome kid finds in the comments!