Educating [Geeks] Bonus – Voyage Trekkers


In this special double-stuffed bonus episode the hosts discuss the web series Voyage Trekkers and create E[G] Drinking Game rules. Geek hosts Alice, Andrea and Sara were joined in the studio by guest host Mack (who turned out to be an E[G]DG master).  Along the way Drea suggests that Alice get a “Powell’s Number One Fan” t-shirt, Mack previews his future as a “red shirt” and Sara reminisces about meeting Nathan Blackwell. In this bonus episode, we’ve included the E[G] Drinking Game rules at the end so make sure you listen all the way through!

*SPOILER ALERT* — The group does discuss the series in detail so if you don’t want any spoilers be sure to watch Voyage Trekkers first.



E[G] Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink…

  • every time the Doctor has a pained look
  • every time Powell gets thrown under the bus
  • every time a joke is made funnier by a well edited reaction shot
  • every time Logan Blackwell is doing something characteristically Logan Blackwell take a sip of chocolate milk… and say “that’s so Logan”
  • every time a character puts their head in their hands and shakes it
  • for every rim-shot moment
  • for every really obvious Star Trek reference
  • for every Reina eye roll
  • to toast the actors you recognize
  • and shout HUZZAH to toast Captain Jack taking his shirt off

Make someone else take a drink…

  • if you hear someone doing the extended chuckle

Adam Rini as Captain Jack T. Sunstrike

Do a shot…

  • for every “Wait a Space Minute”
  • for every middle finger

Waterfall your drink

  • for the length of every gun fight

Shotgun someone else’s drink…

  • whenever Captain Sunstrike accidentally kills someone or accidentally blows up a ship

Wait a Space minute!

It is happening! Educating [Geeks], National Comedy Theater Phoenix and Squishy Studios have teamed up to bring you a play along with the Educating [Geeks] drinking game screening of Voyage Trekker seasons 1 & 2. Please join us at Nation Comedy Theater Phoenix on March 12th starting at 7:30pm.