WHOA E19: Chain Reaction and Sweet November


This week on WHOA: A Most EXCELLENT Keanu Reeves podcast we watched “Chain Reaction” from 1996. And “Sweet November” from 2001. This is the episode where nuclear explosions are out runnable, fax machines are indispensable and personalities are permanently changed by the powers of poodle walking. 

Spoiler Alert

We are discussing the movies in their entirety. So if you want to know whether Eddie manages to expose the secrets of cold fusion to the world at large, or if Sara manages to convince Nelson that people who have jobs are silly and stupid, you should probably watch the movies first…

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Episode 19 Features

“Chain Reaction” from 1996. Keanu plays Eddie, a machinist (??) who must go on the lamb with a fellow scientist when they discover the secrets of cold fusion and then get framed for murder. If you love the sort of formulaic action movies of the mid-90’s…. this movie is for you. “Chain Reaction” is available to stream on Amazon, You Tube, Google Play or Vudu for about $2.99 anywhere you go. It is also on TV like…. all the time. Try it, turn on the TV right now and see if its on.

In Episode 19 we also cover…

“Sweet November” from 2001. Keanu plays Nelson, an ad exec who must live with a manic pixie dream girl after she decides that everything about him is wrong and only she can fix it. If you love the sort of formulaic romantic comedies of the 90’s and early aughts… this movie is for you. “Sweet November” is available to stream on Amazon, Itunes and You Tube.

Meet The Guest

Bill Binder

Bill began performing in Michigan in 1994 where he performed for six years. During this time he served as a company player with The Troupe before moving to Phoenix, AZ in 2000. In Phoenix, Bill helped organize the first Phoenix Improv Festival in 2002, spent two years completing training at the iO West Training Center in Los Angeles, served three years as the youth improv trainer for the Arizona Jewish Theatre Company and was one of the founding members of The Torch Theatre in 2007.

Bill began traveling as an improviser in 2004. He has performed at The Phoenix Improv Festival, The Southern Improv Festival (New Orleans), The Del Close Marathon (New York), Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (Austin) The Chicago Improv Festival, The Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival, The Denver Improv Festival, The New Orleans Improv Festival, The Gila Monster Improv Festival (Tucson), The Black Box Festival (Atlanta), Destroy All Improvisors (Atlanta), red Rocks Improv Festival (Cedar City), San Diego Improv Festival, Coachella Valley Improv Festival, Orange County Improv Festival, The Twin Cities Improv Festival (Minneapolis), The Philadelphia Improv Festival, Improvaganza (Honolulu), Toronto International Improv Festival, The Dallas Comedy Festival, Duke City Improv Festival (Albuquerque), Improv Fest Oklahoma, Alaska State Improv Festival, The Detroit Improv Festival, Festivus (Richmond), Improv Hustle (Chapel Hill), ImprovFest Ireland, The Coulee Region Improv and Sketch Festival and performed part of the International Ensemble in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bill has taught improv in Arizona at The Torch Theatre, National Comedy Theatre Phoenix, Unscrewed Comedy, Tucson Improv Movement, AZ Jewish Theatre and Mesa Arts Center. He has taught workshops at Improv Utopia and in Atlanta, Austin, Detroit, Honolulu, Oklahoma City, Cedar City, Maui, La Crosse, Tampa, Orlando, Vancouver, Baltimore, San Jose, Dusseldorf, Köln, Paris and Gothenburg.

In 2013, Bill launched the National Improv Network and the festival submission tool which allowed improv troupes to build online resumes for submission to festivals nationwide. In 2015, he built the Teacher booking tool on the same site. Bill and the other instructors of The Torch Theatre were nominated for the Big Brain Awards in 2012. In 2014 he received the Coachella Valley Improv Award for Contributions to Improv.

Currently, Bill performs with Apollo 12, Galapagos and The Foundation is an instructor at The Torch Theatre and producer for the Phoenix Improv Festival.

Check out the Torch Theatre and the Phoenix Improv Festival!

Whats Up Next?

Coming up next on WHOA: A Most Excellent Keanu Reeves Podcast we have episode 20: Before and Dicks and Wick. It’s a doozy! In “The Night Before” from 1988 Keanu is Winston… the nerdiest guy in school who gets into some crazy shenanigans on prom night. In “Sweedish Dicks” from 2016 Keanu is Tex… a Hollywood stunt man whose mysterious death haunts his former partner. In “John Wick Chapter 2” from RIGHT NOW Keanu is John Wick… an unstoppable assassin who has some loose ends to tie up in a mysterious world where EVERYONE is an assassin. Its a BIG one! And its comin’ at ya on March 22nd.


Your bonus Keanu for the day! The great thing about Keanu having a huge hit in theaters now is that he is doing the rounds on all these crazy day time talk shows. Here he is with Hoda and Kathy Lee and cooking with Mario on “The Chew”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIEPgdZaxX8?ecver=2]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ui4ChG-hLc?ecver=2]