WHOA E21: Prince and Truth


This week on WHOA: A Most EXCELLENT Keanu Reeves podcast we watched “The Prince of Pennsylvania” from 1988. And “The Whole Truth” from 2016. It’s the episode we love so much we want to hide it in a coal mine port-a-potty and then halfheartedly defend it for murder.

Spoiler Alert

We will be chatting about these awful movies in their awful entirety. So if you want to know whether Rupert is able to leave behind the coal mining game for a whirlwind life of ice cream salesmanship, or if Ramsey is able to defend his client well enough to keep you from guessing the plot twist before it happens…  you should watch the movies before you listen.

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Episode 21 Features

“The Prince of Pennsylvania” from 1988. Keanu is Rupert (I know, right?) a quirky kid who does not want to follow in his Father’s coal mining footsteps. Rupert (ugh) would rather whittle away his hours working at the local ice cream shop, canoodling with the local ice cream shop owner, setting up Rube Goldberg devices in the family garage, or hatching a kidnapping and embezzlement scheme.

I do not recommend that you watch this movie. Unlike last week’s “The Night Before,” “The Prince of Pennsylvania” is not so bad it is good nor so bad that it is interesting, even. It is so bad that it is bad and is bad and stays bad and never moves the dial off of bad.

BUT, it is free to watch on YouTube HERE and Keanu Reeves does sport a pretty interesting haircut and Amy Madigan’s Manic Pixie Dream Matron is partially nude at one point so…. the choice is yours.

In Episode 21 we also cover…


“The Whole Truth” from 2016. Keanu is Ramsey (I know, right?) a sort of sad lawyer who does not want to try very hard to defend a kid for murder. Ramsey (ugh) would rather whittle away his hours eating various take out foods, creating a mess in a motel room rather than an office, or narrating plot contrivances designed to distract us from the big twist that we all see coming from miles and miles away.

I do not recommend that you watch this movie. Unlike “Primal Fear” or “The Lincoln Lawyer,” “The Whole Truth” doesn’t use the twists and turns of trial law to any intriguing ends and the twist isn’t well thought out or well executed.

BUT, it is available to rent on Amazon HERE, Google Play or YouTube… the choice is yours.

Meet The Guest

Dan McGivern

What can be written about Dan McGivern that has not already been written about the ocean? Both are beautiful, mysterious, and deep; yet both also hide dangers beneath the surface. For centuries, both Dan and the ocean have possessed an allure that has drawn countless men to adventure. Mighty empires have risen and fallen based on their ability to control both Dan and the ocean, just as countless nations have drawn sustenance from the vast stocks of fish that each contains. Yet, no man has yet been able to tame either.

Both Dan and the ocean began studying improv as students in Washington State. Both were showered with renown and acclaim as members of the second-finest university-based improv group in Washington State, Gonzaga University Theatre Sports. Both Dan and the ocean are lawyers by training, but have shunned the buttoned-down life of the litigator in favor of becoming a vast series of ecosystems that support a dizzying array of plant an animal life, and whose currents of warm and cold water have created the earth’s climates and weather patterns. Perhaps most crucially, Dan and the ocean are both the cradle from which life on this planet first emerged.

Whats Up Next?

Episode 22: Minnesota and Gift is comin’ at ya on Wednesday April 5th. In “Feeling Minnesota” from 1996, Keanu is Jaks, an ex-con who runs away with his brother’s reluctant bride.  In “The Gift” from 2000, Keanu is Donnie Barksdale, a racist wife-beater who becomes embroiled in a mysterious death after threatening the town psychic.


Your bonus Keanu for the day! OK, here we go! This is… weird. But cool. And if you are reading this blog or a listener of this podcast…. it is for you. Check it out!

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