WHOA E22: Minnesota and Gift


This week on WHOA: A Most EXCELLENT Keanu Reeves podcast we watched “Feeling Minnesota” from 1996. And “The Gift” from 2000. It’s the episode where Keanu is joined by baby Cameron Diaz, psycho Giovani Ribisi, heavily accented Dan Aykryod, mullet Hilary Swank, dynamic Vincent D’Onofrio, psychic Cate Blanchett and more!

Spoiler Alert

We will be chatting about the movies in their entirety. So if you want to know whether Jjaks is able to escape the clutches of the Minnesota mob and find happiness with Freddie, or if Donnie Barksdale ever gets his comeuppance for being a racist, wife beating jerk…  you should watch the movies before you listen.

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Episode 22 Features

“Feeling Minnesota” from 1996. Keanu is Jjacks, a lovable loser who gets more than he bargains for when he makes the trek home to Minnesota for his brother’s wedding. After running away with his brother’s reluctant bride… hi-jinks and robbery and death ensue.

This is a pretty fun movie to check out or revisit if you are into 90’s nostalgia. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that I like it and it holds up! However, you might have to do some actual leg work to find it! Visit a shop where used DVDs are sold for a real taste of 90’s nostalgia!

In Episode 22 we also cover…

“The Gift” from 2000. Keanu is Donnie Barksdale, an unlovable loser who gets more than he bargains for when he runs afoul of the local card reading psychic. After a body is discovered in Donnie’s pond… hi-jinks and mystery and death and ghosts ensue.

This is a pretty good movie to check out or revisit if you like these sorts of supernatural thriller whodunits. “The Gift” is available on Hulu or for rent on YouTube or Google Play.

Meet The Guest Again

Tricia is a Phoenix native who uses her television addiction to avoid the sun. She graduated from ASU in 2008 with a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing (Fiction) and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. So, naturally, she has an unrelated day job. She’s also very aware that she looks younger than she actually is and does not need to hear that compliment anymore.

Whats Up Next?

Episode 23: Youngblood and Demon is comin’ at ya on Wednesday April 12th. In “Youngblood” from 1986, Keanu is Heaver, a blink and you miss him player on a minor league Canadian hockey team. Dean Youngblood, a very young and resplendent Rob Lowe, is on a quest to become more than a fast skating, goal scoring hockey pretty boy with the assistance of an also very young and resplendent Patrick Swayze who, as always, refuses to play by anyone’s rules… even official hockey rules. In “The Neon Demon” from 2016, Keanu is Hank, a blink and you miss him motel manager in the most evil movie version of Los Angeles ever. Jesse, a very young and resplendent Elle Fanning, is on a quest to become a successful model when she meets a dubious bunch of other very young and resplendent women.


Your bonus Keanu for the day! OK, here we go! This week I share with you a Fan Theory that John Wick is actually a follow up to the Matrix? I still prefer my own theory that John Wick dies at the end of the first film and John Wick Chapter 2 is his journey into Hell… but this is also interesting. Enjoy!

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