WHOA E24: Advocate and Watcher


This week on WHOA: A Most EXCELLENT Keanu Reeves podcast we watched “The Devil’s Advocate” from 1997. And “The Watcher” from the year 2000. So whether you prefer to advocate for or simply watch evil… this episode has something for you!

Spoiler Alert

We will be chatting about the movies in their entirety. So if you want to know whether Kevin Lomax falls prey to the Devil’s wiley ways, or if David Allen Griffin is able to get the best of the FBI agent he chased across the country…  you should watch the movies before you listen.

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Episode 24 Features


“The Devil’s Advocate” from 1997. Keanu is Kevin Lomax, a Florida defense attorney who has never lost a case. Kevin and his lovely wife, played by Charlize Theron, are whisked away to the big city where they fall into a trap of luxury, jury selection, paint samples, and foot fetishes.

You can find “The Devil’s Advocate” for rent on Google Play, iTunes and YouTube.

In Episode 24 we also cover…

“The Watcher” from the year 2000. Keanu is David Allen Griffin, a Los Angeles serial killer who has never been caught for murder. Griffin decides to follow his favorite former FBI Agent, played by James Spader, to the windy city where they begin a cat and mouse game of murder, photography and candle appreciation.

You can find “The Watcher” for rent on Google Play, iTunes and YouTube.

Meet The Guest

Dan McGivern

What can be written about Dan McGivern that has not already been written about the ocean? Both are beautiful, mysterious, and deep; yet both also hide dangers beneath the surface. For centuries, both Dan and the ocean have possessed an allure that has drawn countless men to adventure. Mighty empires have risen and fallen based on their ability to control both Dan and the ocean, just as countless nations have drawn sustenance from the vast stocks of fish that each contains. Yet, no man has yet been able to tame either.

Both Dan and the ocean began studying improv as students in Washington State. Both were showered with renown and acclaim as members of the second-finest university-based improv group in Washington State, Gonzaga University Theatre Sports. Both Dan and the ocean are lawyers by training, but have shunned the buttoned-down life of the litigator in favor of becoming a vast series of ecosystems that support a dizzying array of plant an animal life, and whose currents of warm and cold water have created the earth’s climates and weather patterns. Perhaps most crucially, Dan and the ocean are both the cradle from which life on this planet first emerged.

Whats Up Next?

Episode 25: Suicide and Replacements is comin’ at ya on Wednesday April 26th. In “The Last Time I Committed Suicide” from 1997 Keanu is Harry, a bad influence on the beat poet Neil Cassidy. Well… beat poet adjacent. In “The Replacements” from the year 2000 Keanu is Shane Falco, a quarterback given a second chance during an NFL players strike.


Your bonus Keanu for the day! OK, here we go! Although this does go all the way up through the Neon Demon… I think there might be some forgotten WHOA’s in this anthology.

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