E[G] Drinking Game S3 E11 – Xena: Warrior Princess

Late in the afternoon on Sunday, May 31, a group of die-hard Xena fans joined Alice, Cassie, Krissy and Sara in creating the E[G] Drinking Game in honor of the series celebrating its 20th anniversary. The audience added several rules and everyone joins in a Xena warrior cry to close out the panel.

[Educating] Geeks Xena panel at Phoenix Comicon. Photo by Devon Christopher Adams

[Educating] Geeks Xena panel at Phoenix Comicon. Photo by Devon Christopher Adams


Take a drink every time…

  • Xena catches a fish
  • Xena defies gravity
  • Xena uses “The Pinch”
  • Xena whistles for Argo
  • the villagers are just jerks
  • the villain is giggling manically
  • a historical figure is a character in the show
  • a guest star is recognized from something else
  • the plot line for the episode is stolen from something else
  • Gabriel or Joxer lands themselves in trouble that could have been avoided
  • Xena makes it look like she’s working for the bad guy instead of against the bad guy

Take a shot whenever…

  • Xena does her war cry
  • Xena fights a CGI monster
  • Xena hits somebody in the crotch
  • Bruce Campbell appears on screen
  • Xena does her pursed lips eyebrow raised look
  • you feel sexual tension between Xena and Gabriel

Waterfall for the length of time…

  • Xena is balancing on something
  • Xena’s Chakram is ricocheting*

* The gift bag winning rule!

Signature Alcohol

Double Trouble from Tuatara Brewery in New Zealand


Make sure you listen to the podcast to hear the amazing audience toast!

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