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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where friends have absolutely no problem taking a naked swim together. We have found some YIYIYIYIYI worthy items for you and your friends to express your love of all things Xena: Warrior Princess in this all Etsy edition of Geek [Supplies].



The three things that say Xena to me the most are her war cry, her chakram and her sword. This pendant by Etsy seller DaisyNation combines two of those — you can add the war cry yourself.

Cold Hard Cash



If you happen to be visiting the village of the week you might need to have some cash on hand. You might need to buy some Seltzer for example. What better cash than these two bills created by Etsy seller CelebrityDollarBills.


Paper Doll


I don’t know about you but I grew up on paper dolls (and Lincoln Logs). I was excited to see that the tradition is carried on by several Esty sellers, my favorite Xena example was created by Esty seller JuliaMichaelArt. A must have for all future warriors in your family.

Lego Minifigs


OMG do I love Lego Minifigs. I mean LOVE. My son has all the Legos in his room. I have all the Lego Minifigs in my room. These Minifigs created by Etsy seller YBRDesigns are amazing!


The Patch We All Need



My absolute favorite line from the entire Xena series comes in season 1 when a character points out that Xena taught her to use a sword and to embroider her wedding dress and another looks shocked and says, “YOU know how to embroider,” and Xena gives him the look and retorts, “I have many skills.” I have already order two of these patches created by Etsy seller PopCulturePatches.

Art Print


I think 95 percent of the hosts of Educating [Geeks] love cats. Geek host Sara stands out as a self-proclaimed professional cat lady. If you too love cats, checking out Etsy seller KittyCassandra is a must. Pugs are also worthy of our love so this art print is a must-have!

Educating [Geeks] podcast for Xena

E[G] Drinking Game rules for  Xena will post this Friday (8/7/2015)

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